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TELEvision (short film)

It has been awhile since I have had any chance to get on this blog.

However, while school is once again kicking my ass, here is a short film I made for my film class:


Shot some footage today, went well.

Might have to do a re-shoot, since the only editing program I have to work with is iMovie and it is not cooperating with me.

I learned something today: When you interview someone you know is crazy, don’t expect them to show their true self in front of a camera.

The central topic for my film will most likely be the relationships between people in the cooped up community of a Bronx boatyard. (as told by in interviews)

Also, I am working on an inventory list of my large collection of DVDs. This list will be posted in the “Your Suggestions” category.

In other news:

School is almost over for me as finals are coming up in the next three weeks. I have made a short parody film for my science class.

Upcoming Reviews (11/24/10)

Reviews to come:

Outside the Law (2009)

Days of Glory (2006)

Angel-A (2005)

Trash Humpers (2010)



Short Documentary Update: This is taking longer than I thought…

Short Documentary: Update

I am currently very close to starting production of my first short documentary film. I have succeeded in getting the (two) necessary people involved for the time being and will hopefully start filming some footage this week.

The sub-topics that will be covered in my first short documentary include: Abortion Clinics and Truck Drivers.

Great combo, eh?

Comments and advice are openly accepted.

School is Hectic

Sorry for the absence.

School is having a great time kicking my ass. I have very little time now to do any writing other than what I need for school. But, the good news is I am finally going to be taking film classes in the upcoming semester – which means I will most likely and hopefully squeeze out some short films.

Out of inspiration, from recently learning Werner Herzog created his first short film when he was 19 (my age now), I have decided to create a short film before I am 20 (next July).

While I am currently juggling between several ideas I believe I have decided on what it is I am going to do. I am currently in pre-pre-pre-production and have not started with anything other than the writing.  I will update posts when I figure things out more.

It is more than likely that my first short will be a short documentary, rather than a narrative. And I have chosen my topic.

Stay Tuned…


Below is Werner Herzog’s first short film: (this film does not have any influence or inspiration of the  short I will be making)

My Dream…

My dream is to ultimately one day become a film director/writer/producer. I have been watching films since I was much younger and it quickly grew to become my greatest passion. As mentioned in my Essay on Stanley Kubrick, he is my inspiration for having this dream. Up until recently, I figured out MY ALL TIME FAVORITE FILM! However, before I reveal that to you all, and if I already shared this with you personally then please keep the comments to yourself, I would like to get many reviews up so that my readers can get a feel for my writing style and my general opinion on styles and genres of film. Once I feel this blog has reached that level, I will post the review of my favorite film. While I will be reviewing mainstream films, I encourage all of you to read the independent film reviews as well. They need the most support, especially since one day I will be in that category. If, for whatever reason, I do not get my dream job, I would settle for owning or operating an independent cinema strictly catering to independent, foreign or low-budget films. Thanks for reading and once again SPREAD THE WORD

I know I only have two reviews up so far- probably of movies most of you have never even heard of- but I am aiming to have two new reviews up by tonite (Wall Street 2 and Enter the Void) so stay tuned and in the mean time read the essays section. This section is where I will post papers and such that I had to do for school on film. Thanks!


Check it out…

More Film Reviews to come soon… subscribe now for upcoming reviews on such films as: Machete; LennoNYC; Exit Through the Gift Shop; From Paris With Love; Inception; ….my all time FAVORITE MOVIE and many more. Thanks for visiting!