Category: Films to Watch

I try to watch many films as possible during the week, however I do not find much time to review them.

I feel like I havn’t gone to a movie theater in months, as I have not seen any new releases. (aside from Outside the Law)

This past year, I have started the unthinkable….watching television shows.

As I hate television with a passion, I never watch anything on it except for a DVD or a movie on HBO, Encore, Starz, etc. This past summer I watched, in it’s entirety, all six seasons of theĀ  The Sopranos. I , of course, loved every minute of it and plan to sit through the whole series again at another time.

Now, I am in the middle of watching several TV series: OZ (4th season), 30Rock (2nd season), Boardwalk Empire (1st season), United States of Tara (2nd season) and will hopefully start Breaking Bad and The Wire soon.

Recommened Viewing: Rango

While this film will probably do justice as a good romantic film, if I see this film it will probably be due to it’s controversy surrounding its rating. (NC-17)


Interesting foreign animated film I would love to see.

I just recently saw the trailer for this film, and as I do like Ryan Gosling (Not for The Notebook) the film does look promising.

I will check it out.


Must See: Outside the Law

This French film was released in France the week after I left.

I chose this film for an upcoming assignment in my media class. Stay Tuned for review and Essay.

But for now, Here is the trailer…

Red: October 15

Jackass 3D: October 15

Due Date: November 5. (Remake of the classic: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles)

127 Hours: November 5.

Black Swan: December 1.

The Tempest: December 10.

The Tourist: December 10.

Tron: Legacy: December 17..

True Grit: December 25.