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Your Suggestions…

In the comment box, type the films you would like for me to review and I will try to see and review as soon as possible. Thanks.

The Anatomy of a Film Review

Most film reviews take up a lot of space detailing the plot of the film or backgrounds of the cast or production team. Some reviews are based solely on the opinions of the famed reviewer. Other reviewers like to cram unnecessary sophisticated language to showoff how much they know about specifics in the film/film business.  When my uncle created my first website ( when I was younger, I simply put small comments on films that I had recently seen. Most of my “reviews” contained simple statements such as “I liked it!”, and for me, at that time, that was sufficient. In my upcoming reviews, I ask you to approach them lightly at first, for I am not knowledgeable in all of the film lingo a professional critic would use. These reviews are coming from a college student dedicated to his love for film. My reviews can vary from being more opinion based to being more analytical, but I would like your opinion. I want to consider this post as more of a poll among viewers: Which type of film reviews would YOU prefer?

To the people reading this right now, you are my audience and I am here to provide you with my insight of my greatest passion; film.